Survival is becoming the only objective for a majority of Pakistanis due to the rising inflation, shrinking incomes and scarce employment opportunities; that why suicides are on the rise in Pakistan at an alarming rate. This fact was proved again by Muhammad Safdar in the Manchester of Pakistan (Faisalabad) on Wednesday when he attempted self-immolation after a quarrel with his family members over a heavy electricity bill, which he could not pay, reported a private TV channel Thursday. According to details, Safdar, father of four, is living with his brothers in Partab Nagar. He was jobless nowadays and the family had to sustain on the meagre resources generated by his wife, who is running a small shop in the same street they are living at. A quarrel surfaced between Muhammad Safdar and his family members over heavy electricity bill that had to be paid within a few days, because he failed to share the burden. Resultantly, he got depressed and sprinkled oil to set himself on fire. He was shifted to the Allied Hospital in a critical condition, where doctors are saying that almost 80 per cent of his body is burnt. Safdars 80 percent body is burnt, however, efforts are underway to save his life, hospital sources said.