Recently presidential elections were held in Iran. The defeated candidates claimed that they were not defeated by the voters but were crushed by the governmental rigging on a gigantic scale. They asked their supporters to protest. Tehran's streets resounded with the supporters' lamentations. The government rejected the rigging accusation. It ordered the law-enforcers to deal with the situation with an iron hand. There were violent clashes between the protesters and the law-enforcers. Some of the protesters lost their lives. Some others lost some of their blood. Tehran witnessed a miniature version of the Islamic Revolution. Under the Shah, Iran was America's domestic slave. America enjoyed Iran's slavery. The Islamic Revolution deprived America of the Iranian slavery. Naturally, America was extremely furious. As the Revolution dug itself deeper and deeper, America grew more and more furious. It kept passionately waiting for an opportunity to destroy the Revolution and get back her slave. The post-elections turmoil was a godsend for America. The Iranian government alleges that the protests were orchestrated by the White House. Nejad has accused America of interfering in Iran's domestic affairs. Poor Nejad He doesn't know that America religiously believes that it has a divine right to invade and occupy any country at anytime. America's history is a history of such invasions. It invaded Korea. It invaded Vietnam. It invaded Lebanon. It invaded Iran. It invaded Afghanistan. Had Nejad been familiar with American history, he would never have accused America of interfering in Iran's affairs. By interfering in Iran's affairs, America has only rejuvenated its tradition of interfering in other country's affairs. Does Nejad want that America should let its tradition of international interfering die. It is a laughing matter. Iran's accusation that the riots in Tehran were financed by America is another laughing matter. America has oceanfuls of money. What should America do with this money? Obviously, America can't donate the money to the Islamic Revolution. Nor can it use this money for eradicating poverty from the world. America's world supremacy is a gift of the world's poverty. Kill the world's poverty and you kill America's supremacy. When Iran suppressed the protests with force, Obama denounced the suppression as a dire violation of human rights. But when his own drones kill innocent Afghani women and children, these killings are not violation of human rights. They promote human rights. According to American ethics, when American bombs kill innocent citizens of other countries, the killings are meant for the salvation of those who are killed. The dead bodies of the drones-killed Afghanis must be grateful to America for their salvation. Obama rejoiced over the horrific fallout of the elections. But the protests soon simmered down. Obama was morose. He must have secretly cursed the defeated candidates for not continuing the agitation till the government's doomsday. By calling off the protests so abruptly, the protesters insulted America. It is Obama's obligation to sue them for the insult in the International Court of Justice. Since the Revolution, Iran and America have been at war. It is not a war of weapons. It is a war of tongues. Comparatively, Iran has a sharper tongue. It is America's misfortune that Obama doesn't have a very biting tongue. When two nations have a verbal war, the world enjoys the show. A wagging tongue can cause minor emotional injuries. But it cannot cause any serious physical harm. Let's pray that the Iran-America war of tongues doesn't become a war of fists. During the last few years, America greatest achievement has been the destruction of Iraq. America destroyed Iraq because Bush sniffed that Saddam was hiding atomic weapons in his bathroom. Obama's nose is also warning him that Nejad is a reincarnation of Saddam. America must transmute Iran into another Iraq for her own safety. It is a tragedy for the world that Obama's nose and Bush's nose have identical olfactory powers. Obama is confronted with a horrific situation. Poor Obama Would circumstances force him to become another Bush? God forbid When the Islamic Revolution broke out, America did whatever it could do to save the Shah's emperorship. But the revolutionaries' determination was invincible. Along with the Shah, America was also flung out of Iran. Since t hen America has been licking the wounds. The wounds have been getting worse and worse and the tongue has been getting more and more swollen. America has been regularly firing threat-missiles at Iran. Iran has been equally regularly blasting the threats with her counter-threat missiles. So long as threats remain threats, they are pleasurable affairs. Let America keep threatening and let Iran keep blasting the threats. The world would enjoy a warless war between Tehran and Washington. The writer is an academic