WANA - Taliban local commander Mullah Nazir has offered to remain peaceful if the government does not extend military operation against militants up to Wana region. The offer was made to the government through a traditional Jirga of Ahmadzai tribe on Thursday. As per details, leading tribal elders from all sub-tribes of Ahmadzai tribe Thursday met Political Agent Syed Shahab Ali Shah in his office to discuss situation erupting after military action against Baitullah Mehsud. The tribal elders informed the Political Agent that Taliban local commander Mullah Nazir was willing to remain peaceful if the security forces refrained from military action against Taliban in Wana region. The Jirga members suggested to the Political Agent to convey the offer to the government. The Political Agent welcoming the suggestion assured the Jirga to convey the offer to the high-ups both in Peshawar and Islamabad. The Political Agent on this occasion also ordered the release of three arrested persons. Earlier, the Jirga members had held a detailed meeting with Mullah Nazir in this regard. As per Jirga sources, Mullah Nazir had assured the Jirga to remain peaceful for a period of three months. It may be mentioned here that Mullah Nazir is one of three top militant commanders of the area and his decision could be considered as a severe blow to Baitullah Mehsud.