A few apologists of Taliban are again asking for a pause in the military operation, as according to them, its continuation could result in more IDPs. UNHCR's stated inability to cater for more is also being cited as a reason we should stop. Please allow me to say that the aid and assistance to the IDPs is not just limited to what the UNHCR can or cannot do. The aid is coming from many other quarters too, most significantly from the Pakistanis themselves whose commitment to their brethren in distress is unmatched. A pause in an ongoing military operation not only would give time to the enemy but would also help him recuperate and reorganize itself. This at times can prove fatal. "Strike the iron when it is hot" is an old adage. In the military parlance, they say "Chase the enemy on the run till it is annihilated". It will ultimately force him to capitulate into a total surrender and that's what is required to save Pakistan now. Our hearts go out to the IDPs but completing the job at this juncture is of paramount importance. We are sure the proud, patriotic Pathans of NWFP will make the extreme sacrifice of bearing with us a little more in this war for the sake of Pakistan and bear it all with fortitude. We owe an immense gratitude to you and promise to make your sufferings as bearable as possible. So, help us Allah (SWT), Amen -COL (Retd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, June 10.