LAHORE - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has fined fast bowler Mohammad Asif one million rupees for bringing the country's name into disrepute following investigations into his Dubai sojourn. Drug tainted fast-bowler failed to provide the documents which could prove he was not deported from the UAE or he was not banned from entering the country. He was penalised on two accounts; for tarnishing the image of the country and concealing the fact that he was deported by the Immigration Authorities of Dubai Airport. Now Asif would be considered for selection in the Champions Trophy in South Africa starting on September 24, as by then he would had completed a 12-month ban for a positive dope test in the Indian Premier League (IPL) playing for the Delhi Daredevils' team. One year ban, starting September 22, 2008, would be over by then which means he would be eligible to play international cricket ahead of the ICC Champions Trophy which is scheduled in South Africa this year. "The probe committee that examined his 19-day detention in Dubai last year in June has found he had violated the code of conduct and brought the country into disrepute," Salim Altaf, chief operating officer, said. "That is why he has been fined one million rupees." Asif, 26, was detained at Dubai Airport in June last year for nearly three weeks for possession of opium as he was returning to Pakistan after playing in the IPL. After 19 days of detention, authorities in Dubai deported him without charge, saying the quantity of illegal drug found was insufficient, but he was barred from the United Arab Emirates for life. The previous PCB's setup in June 2008, had organised a three-man Facts Finding Committee (FFC) to conduct an inquiry into the Mohammad Asif affair, that was responsible to gather all facts regarding small quantity of powder in his possession. The PCB had appointed Shafqat Naghmi - former Chief Operating Officer PCB, Zakir Khan - Director Cricket Operation PCB and Nadeem Akram - Former Director Human Resource PCB, to gather all the facts regarding Asif's issue. Butt subsequently after the resignation by former Chairman PCB Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Shafqat Naghmi who was also forced to quit and Nadeem Akram was sacked by the new PCB Chairman, therefore present PCB ruled out previous FFC's inquiry. "The former Chief Operating Officer of the PCB Shafqat Hussain Naghmi stole (for reasons rooted in the ulterior) the file containing the order of inquiry as also the documents received," Current PCB had said in statement.