KARCHI - The Port Grand, which is being developed on sea, is Pakistans only short break food and fun destination which is offering an unrivalled selection of attractions for the whole family to enjoy together. It will be inaugurated on August 14, The Nation has learnt. The General Manager Planning and Development Karachi Port Trust, Brig Jamshed Zaidi, told that it was to be completed in 2007 but has been delayed for 2 years and the reasons including the old bridge which was not sustainable, encroachers were not ready to vacate the place, Hindu community had also put the hurdles and were up to politicise the issue, but now it is ready. Talking to The Nation, the Director Operations Port Grand Limited, Shahrukh Khan, said that some 12 to 13,000 people were expected to visit this grand segment all over the Asia which had been built with Rs2 billion. The most interesting thing is that it is designed with latest technology, which has been used in Holland. For security measures we have installed a camera which can smoke any explosive material within the range of 500 meters and make the culprits paralysed through its rays for 30 minutes, thus it is easy to cop with the security issue there, he added. Khan said: A tramway is also brought in for 1,200 meters long journey, the best feature of the Port Grand, however, the investment is foreign as there are many companies, which are opening their outlets here, coming to Pakistan for the first time. This world-class attraction has been designed and developed by the leading US architects, 'Nework of New Jersey. There are the hinterland areas which are a must visit such as the Napiers Tavern, the Port House Galleria, or to get the sense of contemporary lifestyle at places like The Festival Boulevard, Garden Restaurant, Leos Loop, and the Bridge Art Lane. The visitors are to choose from more than 50 restaurants with an endless variety of ethnic and international style, cuisine, cultivating everything from Gourmet Food, a cheesy steak, to the award winning 'Nihari and 'Kebab. The 'Chaat or fries or 'Murgh Choolay are as important a part of Karachis street culture as the 'Rubri. It includes dining precincts extended along the bridge and through the many wonders like the Central Rotary Park on the mainland, and there is a huge range of shopping choices, styles and experiences. Moreover, water front retailers and novelty stores, souvenir and designer stores stocked with colourful fashion and gifts, and there is plenty of choice which includes party shops and childrens shops. There is always something happening at the port grand, theres always a party feels about the place, the Theatre, the Stage, the Brand, and the Live Shows. Rekindle fond memories and create new ones. Bring together all your nearest and dearest for a great re-union. The salient features include state-of-the-art (art deco) restaurant, in and out seating arrangement, and full day dining experience/cigar lounge. The Food Boulevard contains popular and great tasting international food franchises that have created a place in the hearts of the locals. Moreover, 16 Pakistani food kiosks with a sense of hygiene are available also. There are Port House Galleria Mall, Food stalls/restaurants/different kiosks of international items with capsule lift, also a grand lobby with centrally air condition, and a Boat Quay Side which has stationary boat restaurants which will offer tantalising dishes and experience of a life time In Loop Rotary Mall, some famous international hyper stores and other local and branded stores will be located, and many famous ice cream parlours, flower shops and book stores will also be a part of this Mall. There is also a Fresh Juices Island, a place where you can enjoy the fresh juices of all the exotic fruits, and there is a Tram Service for the entire family to enjoy sea-side scenic view. Port Grand is spread over an area of around 10 acres, which has been taken from KPT on lease for 40 years, however it has 3 phases: Soft opening is its first phase, Grand opening is second phase, and the third phase is the opening of Boutique Hotel, Cineplex, Ice Skating and Gym. To get access to the Port Grand from anywhere in the City, it is a straight short west out of Mai Kolachi Road onto the parallel Beach Luxury Hotel Road and than a straight road which run past the PNSC, as the road curves into the facility on your right.