The main crops of our 'khareef', like cotton, rice, sugarcane etc are sown in summer and cultivated in winter. These crops mainly depend upon proper and timely showers which we call Monsoons. Usually the rainy season starts in our country on July 15 every year as the month we call sawan. But this is not final as much depends on low pressures formed in our area, formation of clouds in the Bay of Bengal from which these clouds originate and amount of rainy water they carry. These are all technical questions about which our Meteorological Department provides answers to the nation so that farmers and general public are ready to receive Monsoon. The month of June is almost at end and we should have all the details of monsoon clouds by now. Virtually all our cash crops depend on availability of water during this season. For the information of your readers, I would like to report from Indian press some data they have projected for monsoon rains. For their part of the area, they say the monsoons are late by 3 weeks. The rainfall will be 87% of the normal out of which only 81% of the normal rain will be available to Indian farmers. The Indian cabinet is discussing this matter in their meeting on 25th of June 2009. I wonder what are we doing? -INAYATULLAH SHEIKH, Karachi, via e-mail, June 25.