ISLAMABAD - Dr Hafeez A Pasha, head of Planning Commissions Panel of Economists on Thursday said that war on terror during financial year 2008-09 alone cost Pakistan US $10 billion. These are our initial estimates that overall losses to various sectors amounted to $10 billion, to building further pressures on the struggling economy, said Pasha who is widely considered to be the main architect of the Budget 2009-10. Ongoing army operations in Swat and South Waziristan has already cost over Rs 100 billion, Dr Pasha said while answering a question after launching ceremony of annual report of Mehboob-ul-Haq Development Centre on Technology and Human Development in South Asia. The overall US-led war on terror, he said, had so far incurred losses to the tune of US $31 billion since 2001. The government estimates had previously suggested that the overall losses to the economy since 2001 had reached $35 billion, while according to estimates of Pasha the figure had now crossed the mark of US $40 billion. The cost of war on terror to the economy of Pakistan was voluminous as compared to a pledged $1.5 billion per annum US financial assistance. Answering a counter question that whether or not the US would reimburse the estimated $1.5 billion expenditures incurred on the army operations in Swat and tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, Pasha said, US would do it in form of Coalition Support Fund. However, the expense reimbursement cannot undo the sentimental damage to the economy.