LAHORE - The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has launched monsoon action plan to ensure flushing out of heavy rainwater throughout the monsoon season. The agency has eliminated 32 points that used to turn into cesspools after heavy rain, at the cost of Rs. 557 million in different localities These points included GT Road Begam Pura, UET gate No-2 GT Road, Baghechi Saithan, Mailap Street, Angoori Bagh, Shalimar Link Road, Police station Mughal Pura, Shah Kamal Road, Toheed Park, Rachna Block Allam Iqbal Town, Millat Chowk, Samnabad, Sultan Ahmed Road and Zaildar Road, Ichrah, Chah Jamu Wala Samnabad, Gunj Buksh Road Ichhra, Shama Road, Rasool Park Ichra area, Poonch Road, Ferozepur Road, Firdous Market, Shah Jamal, Barket Market, B-Block Taj Pura, Chowk Nakhuda, Umer Din Road, Shahdara, Bhatti Gate, Do Moria Pull, Eik Moria Pull, Sherewal Gate, Circular Road. Earlier, the authority also had carried out de-silting operation thrice in 9 primary drains (79.33 KM) including Sukh Nehr Drain, Choota Ravi Drain, Cantonment Drain, Sattu Katla Drain. Iqbal Town Drain, Shahdara Drain and Lakshami Drain, 70 secondary drains (119.66 KM), and 67 drains (114.67 KM) in the City. Besides, 6,300 kilo meters long sewers including trunk sewer and lateral (streets) sewers have been emptied out from mounds of silt to allow storm water run smoothly during rain. Under the monsoon action plan, WASA has started grand operation to raze all temporary and permanent encroachments on drains. In first phase, 55 illegal constructions at Sattukatla Drain, 500 in Central Drian and around 80 illegal structures on Circular Drain are being pulled down. The authority concerned has also enhanced the capacity of 12 disposal stations and 88 lift stations to discharge rainwater at earliest. The agency has also removed silt from 114. 67 kilo-meter long roadside drains costing Rs 125 million in Nishtar Town, Shalimar Town, Gunj Baksh Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Ravi Town and Aziz Bhatti Town. The Nishtar Town Roadside drains included Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Kalam Chowk to Garden Town near Barkat Market, Faisal Town roundabout to Akbar Chowk. The roadside drain of Shalimar Town are G.T Road, Shalimar Link Road, Lakho Dehar Road, Suck Nehar Drain from Lal Pull to Railway Line Katcha Mehmood Pura, secondary drain, Wapda Colony Drain, Sultan Mehmood Road Drain, Allah Tawakal Road. Wheetman Road to Manwar Sultan Road, Manwar Sultana Road to Shalimar Hospital. While Data Gunj Buksh has 17 roadside drains, Allama Iqbal Town has five roadside drains, Ravi Town has nine roadside drains and Aziz Bhatti Town has 12 roadside drains.