Make no mistake in realizing the fact that only America, India and Israel are not responsible for our destruction. We are also ourselves responsible for our miseries. Our leaders are shamelessly begging around the globe to disgrace the whole nation, whereas our security forces are killing our own people under the cover of US War on Terror. What cannot expect any good from our politicians who have a history of conspiring with the English rulers for estates in reward. They are the root cause of our miseries. In a country where the leadership is committed to the nation, the military can't dare to interfere with the affairs of state. Whereas our military leadership is no less than the politicians, so it always fails to deliver any better, as they promise at time of coup. Since both the major arms of the state are, more or less, corrupt and American puppets, they engage in a give and take, as sacrificing the national dignity, prosperity and integrity. In such a situation with no accountability, the bureaucracy, which has to be the servant of the public, treats the people nothing more than slaves. Who are these people? Are they Americans, Israelis or the Indians? No, they are the black sheep of our society, who deserve to be treated as the enemies of state. The foreign powers always have their agents in every strategic country. Like CIA, RAW and Moused in Pakistan. Where they operate covertly to seek their motives. The agents don't have horns on their head and most of the time, they are from the local population for convenience. But in Pakistan, the scope of agents is very bright and secure as protected by the state machinery. It's a shame to see the direct dictation by Obama, Gen Petraeus and Halbrooke.. So who is working against Pakistan? The Americans don't need to waste their men and ammunition, if they are getting a cheap and loyal alternative to promote their agenda and eliminating all such elements who are resisting their mission. The anti-Pakistan agencies simply fanned the spark into a flame by dividing the whole society into fundamentalists and seculars, as they did in Egypt, Morocco, etc. to control by proxy of puppets. Now in Pakistan, they have a very broad network of local agents in government and establishment. In cooperation with our black sheep, they have sponsored plenty of scholars, intellectuals, politicians, establishment officials and above all the foreign funded NGOs. All such Pakistani, undercover agents, are published in newspapers and aired on different televisions to poison the public mind and reform the opinion in favour of Indo-American agenda. There is no doubt that there are a lot many foreign agents working on the soil of Pakistan but most of them are working with the consent of our government and establishment. So if the interest of both the parties is the same then who would catch them? A large strength of American agents is working across Pakistan, under the cover of establishments and you can see the results in terms of policy and econo-political disasters in Pakistan. So why to blame America only? If our puppy and puppet leadership and establishment has acknowledged them as their Big Brother for their own survival and monetary benefit, then it's our fault. You can't treat a disease unless you believe it's a disease. The most critical thing in terms of "intelligence" is that it creates a situation where the friends are turned into foes seamlessly with a very logical explanation. It simply exploit the socio-political and econo-religious frictions to trigger a civil war. Which generates a vicious cycle of retaliations causing a chain of attacks and counter attacks on both sides. Same they are doing in Pakistan by branding yesterday's Mujahideen as today's terrorists then getting them crushed through the sponsored security forces. This way they are seeking a dual benefit, where Muslims are killed on both ends and our civil and military strength is being neutralized. Though through propaganda, they have confused and divided the nation, but one thing is historically true, that we turn our friends into foes and when they pick the gun in retaliation, we brand them as terrorist. Same it happened in East Pakistan, Sindh and Balochistan. Think about it....why is that? Because our pro-American leadership has always been serving the purpose of English command to break the nuclear Islamic Republic of Pakistan into econo-politically handicapped minor secular states, bearing no danger to the supremacy of their masters in the world and their pursuit of natural resources in the region. It's our duty to forge a bond of Islamic unity, for which Pakistan was created instead of dividing into ethnicities and ending up in Indian slavery, as to be worse than pre partition in 1947. This country belongs to sincere Pakistanis and they have to rise against these puppets and puppies and snatch the control from the criminal leadership. In case of any disaster, nobody else but we solely stand responsible for it. Since we are, mainly, responsible for our disgrace and miseries, so we have to fix it. The enemies are always there to cause damage but we have to distinguish between the friends and foes. Think and do something practically, whatever you can in any possible capacity you have to rescue our sinking ship. Obeying the orders against the interest of the state is also a crime. By sacrificing personal interest, political affiliation and obeying only in the national interest, you can make a whole lot difference. May Allah give us the strength to sacrifice our personal benefit over the national interest to sort out our traitors. Amin The writer is President, UWS-ERP Union, Australia E-mail: