LAHORE The promotion of sports and sportspersons without the support of sports journalists is impossible and the bodies running sports and sports journalists go hand in hand with just one aim in mind, the uplift of sports. These were the views expressed by the speakers of the seminar organised by the Sports Journalists Association of Lahore in coordination with Sports Writers Association of Punjab to mark the Sports Journalists Day here at the National Hockey Stadium Conference Hall. The evening was managed by Amer Raza Khan, secretary SJAL and SWAP while Sports Writers Association Shahid Sheikh, PCB Director Media Nadeem Zarwar, Director General Directorate of Sports Punjab Salman Ijaz, Punjab Olympics Association Secretary Idris Haider Khawaja, Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary Asif Bajwa, sports journalists Raza Hamed, Syed Ali Hashmi and Zahid Farooq Malik were among the speakers. Farrukh Butt organised the evening. Ali Hashmi in the opening speech about decline of sports in Pakistan after attack on the Sri Lanka team. Raza Hamed wished to see the sports back in headlines as they were once used. However, Nadeem Sarwar added that though journalism in the country had touched new height but sports journalism was yet to develop. The sports journalists still have to achieve a lot in the field. But in wake of all the incidents in the country, their efforts give a bit of relief, he said. He further talked about the need for proper training of the journalists in the field of sports. Asif Bajwa recognised the responsibilities of the sports journalists. Its all due to the sports journalists that the corporate sector come to sponsor the sports events, he added. He further stated that sports journalists with their dedicated work bring the sports officials back to the track. Khawaja Idris pointed out that the sports associations were incomplete without sports journalists and also advised them to show patience when covering sports events. Sports journalist and officials go together in one direction and have one goal, he added. He also lashed out at the owners of the media houses for not giving pay to the journalists at proper time. Salman Ijaz praised sports journalists and said: We have asked the officials in tahsils to hold events regularly and come up with their reports and through media we will let everyone know their work. Later, Shahid Sheikh remembered all those journalists who died in line of duty and Zahid Malik asked the fellow journalists to keep struggling for their rights and recognition in Pakistan. In the end, shields were given to all the speakers of the seminar, which was attended by prominent sports journalists of the city.