PITTSBURGH (Reuters) -- A roving 8-foot python discovered slithering up the banister inside a western Pennsylvania home has since made another escape and residents were warned to be on the lookout, authorities said on Friday. The python has been cruising the town of Twin Rocks in Cambria County and state wildlife authorities have declined to assist in its capture because it is not a protected species in Pennsylvania, said police chief John Kuhar. "All we know is that we have a python running around," Kuhar said. "If somebody shoots it, God bless him, because I'm not going to pick it up." The snake apparently entered a woman's house on Tuesday through a door she had left open for her dog. It was climbing a banister when she noticed it, Kuhar said. The woman's grandson captured the reptile and put it into a large plastic container outside the house, with two cinder blocks holding the lid shut, he said. But the snake escaped a few hours later and hasn't been seen since, Kuhar said. "We don't know where it came from," the police chief said.