LAHORE With the induction of three Police Service of Pakistan lady ASPs in the Punjab police, at least moral corruption among the Station House Officers and in-charge investigations is expected to be slowed or uprooted thanks the gender difference. The attitude of cops with female victims has seen a sea change, as the three female officers have started paying frequent visits to police stations in order to check whether justice was being done to women. The newly-appointed ASPs -- Shaista Rehman (Sabzazaar Circle), Zahida Bokhari (Cantonment Circle), Amara Athar (Garden Town Circle) -- expressed these views during a brief chat with TheNation on Saturday. According to the lady officers, public representatives, informers and female volunteers have extend their fullest cooperation to them. Crime detection in urban areas, according to them, was quite complicated as compared to the rural areas, where the typical Khoojis were still performing well. Expressing their complete satisfaction with their department, they wished to become Inspector General of Police themselves. When asked about their family lives and the duty time adjustment problems, the married but quite young ASPs said: Whenever you have a big purpose [of serving the masses] on broader level then you have to sacrifice. ASP Amara Athar, wife of Mujahid Squad SSP Athar Waheed, said, Insubordination is intolerable for me. That is the chief reason behind a sudden change in the attitude of the SHOs and IOs under me. Amara said if an officer was found to be corrupt and his corruption was proved, he had to go. And the opportunity should be given to some young guy. Yes, its a fruitful experience to have meetings with public representatives and to resolve their disputes, she added. To a query, ASP Amara said most rape cases were made up to incriminate rival parties. Frankly speaking, I pay surprise visits to victim families to personally observe the circumstances and conditions of a [rape] crime and then decide, she remarked. She further said professional criminals were arrested soon as the modus operandi adopted by them always supported the police. However, it was quite difficult to nab an 'Opportunity Crime accused. Mostly students and boarders are involved in Opportunity Crime. Here, the policeman is quite clueless about their residences as they always keep changing their 'homes, she said. ASP Zahida Bokhari, whose brothers Tauseef and Shahzad Bokhari are also PSP Police Officers, said corruption can be minimized by investigating cases on merit. When both parties confront each other and reveal facts, the black sheep can be traced and dismissed easily, she viewed. She supplemented her claim with an example where a Reader, who had been involved in corruption, was suspended for wrongdoings. According to ASP Zahida, few cases of land grabbing have surfaced in the Cantonment area, but were solved timely. When asked about proper public safety arrangements, she urged traders and market committees to cooperate with the police by deputing security guards on self-help basis. ASP Bokhari further said: :Those SHOs and IOs who are properly trained and attend refresher courses, have different practical exposure and working style. Similarly, ASP Shaista Rehman, who belongs to an Engineers/Bankers family, said: Half of the problem is resolved when proper respect is given to the applicant by the SHO or the IO. For me, the behavioural change is need of the hour. She said the general public relies on the female police officer. I have observed people residing in my jurisdiction have started making their women the complainant of their cases. Replying a query, Shaista said the crime scene of the double murder incident in Hanjerwal was quite terrible. But a commander should have solid nerves and never involve in any sorts of emotions. I am controlling one million subjects with a small number of cops.