LAHORE - All PPP legislators should pressurise Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to expose and prosecute the killers of Benazir Bhutto, or it would be the major question facing the ruling party at the time of the next elections, says Naheed Khan who remained political secretary of the slain leader for decades till her assassination in Rawalpindi on December 27, 2007. Treated as political outcast by the present leadership of the party, Naheed Khan called upon the ruling party parliamentarians that instead of confining their role to 'flattering the co-chairperson they should show grace and play their role in bringing to justice the killers of the most visionary leader who was known internationally. Naheed Khan said this while talking to TheNation on Saturday. Her spouse Dr Safdar Abbasi was also with her. The couple made it clear that they did not want a split in the party. However, they said there was unrest in the party and an ideological conflict was emerging. They said they were with the PPP which was in existence during the life of Benazir. We want to reform it, said the couple, rejecting speculations that they were trying to carve out a new faction or were doing something that could damage the partys unity. They ruled out the possibility of joining hands with the PPP (SB) of Sindhi leader Mumtaz Bhutto. Naheed regretted that the PPP had been in power for the past three years, but it had shown no seriousness in tracing the assassins of the two-time prime minister. She said while referring the matter to a UN Commission, the criminal aspect of the tragedy had been kept out of the Terms of Reference, a fact which the probe body had also pointed out in its report. The leads given in the UN Commission report were not followed, Naheed said, adding the matter was subsequently referred to an FIA team, which could neither be expected to investigate such a high-profile case nor access the bigwigs. Naheed said people that the slain leader suspected were after her life had been made part of the ruling coalition, which was quite unfair. This decision, she claimed, had created resentment in party ranks. She said the president had said it time and again that he knew the killers of his spouse. Similarly, the interior minister had repeatedly given assurances that the assassins would be brought to justice, but so far there was just no progress. She said those occupying top positions in the present setup must bear in mind that they succeeded only because of the sacrifice rendered by Benazir. While flattering Zardari, they should not forget that they owed a lot to the slain leader. She said all lawmakers should take up the matter with the prime minister. Answering a question, Naheed Khan said Zardari could be a good manipulator and a businessman, but he was not a politician of the calibre of his late wife, who had struggled for 30 years to win the hearts and minds of people and give them identity. Asked what plans Benazir had in her mind about the careers of her children, Naheed said she was focused on their education but had taken no decision on what they would be doing thereafter. According to Naheed, Benazir wanted her children to adopt careers of their own choice. Ms Bhutto, she said, wanted to keep her husband out of politics so that he could focus on his construction business. In response to a question, Naheed said she prayed for the success of Bilawal in politics. However, she said Bilawal should try to follow the legacy of his mother and maternal grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. At present, Naheed said, only the party lawmakers were close to President Zardari, and the party workers did not know how all decisions were being taken. Zardari, she said, had confined himself to 'bunkers because of security threat. But, she said, not all leaders faced the same threat implying that there was no justification for them to keep distance from the masses. The couple alleged that the leadership was treating the party like its personal fiefdom. The decision-making process was flawed and there was a dire need for a democratic approach. Otherwise, the party will suffer. Cracks in the party are already visible. About corruption allegations against Zardari, Naheed said they should be proved in courts of law. I will not like to say anything on the basis of perception.