MELBOURNE (AFP) - A vengeful Australian man who wrote on his Facebook page he was "bout to kill ma kid" minutes before stabbing his two-year-old daughter to death was jailed for life on Friday. Consumed by hatred and a desire to punish his ex-partner Rachelle D'Argent, Ramazan Acar, 24, kidnapped daughter Yazmina from her Melbourne home last November. The Victorian Supreme Court heard that as well as posting the disturbing Facebook message, Acar sent taunting text messages to D'Argent before killing his daughter. At the time, he was serving a suspended sentence for assaulting his ex-partner and Justice Elizabeth Curtain said it was a chilling murder and a fundamental breach of trust. "The victim was your innocent daughter. She was killed by the one man in the world whose (role) was to love, nurture and protect her," Curtain said. "You committed this murder for the worst possible motive -- revenge and spite. You killed your daughter to get back at her mother." Acar was jailed for life with a 33-year non-parole period.