SRINAGAR (Online) - Veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader Syed Ali Geelani has said the occupation authorities are using house-arrest as a tactic to disconnect him from the people in the occupied Kashmir. According to KMS, Geelani said in an interview at Srinagar that putting him under house arrest despite 'puppet Chief Minister Omar Abdullahs statement clearly showed that police was at the helm of affairs in the occupied territory. The authorities are leaving no stone unturned to disconnect me from people by using the house arrest as a tool. If the government can hold a senior leader like me hostage on gunpoint, the fate of common Kashmiris can be imagined, he said. He said he was scheduled to address a rally at Humhama on Friday to mark the death anniversary of the people killed there during last years uprising. He said thousands of people were scheduled to participate in the rally and the forum would have pressed for release of political prisoners. However, as I stepped out of my house, a heavy contingent of police stopped me saying I have been placed under house arrest, he added. Geelani said he inquired from the duty officer about the order by virtue of which he had been placed under the house arrest. The duty officer told me that he has received orders from his seniors not to allow me to move out of the house, he stated. He pointed out that in collusion with the Indian intelligence agencies, the puppet administration had been trying to defame the Kashmiris peaceful movement. He said despite such pressure tactics, the people of Kashmir would continue to carry forward their movement to its logical conclusion. A member of Amnesty International, Bikramjeet Batra, during a visit to Geelanis house on May 25 had taken strong exception to illegal detention of the veteran leader. Batra had asked the police to show the formal order under which Geelani was not allowed to move outside his house. However, the policemen posted outside the house said they were served no order and they were following the orders of their superiors. Later, the police allowed the leader to move for a few days. The spokesman of Geelanis forum, Ayaz Akbar, said they had filed a writ petition in the court to challenge the house arrest of the veteran leader. This year Geelani Sahib was freed only for 60 days. He was imprisoned under the Public Safety Act for nearly 40 days last year. After his release, he was continuously kept under house arrest for 140 days without giving him grounds of detention, he added.