ISLAMABAD (APP) The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources has ordered inquiry into illegal provision of CNG connections despite ban imposed in 2007. We have asked the OGRA and are moving the Cabinet Division to start inquiry into illegal gas connections and I will take action irrespective of position, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Asim Hussain, flanked by Secretary Muhammad Ejaz Chaudhry told media men here on Saturday. He said the inquiry into around 500 connections would also ascertain the dates and duration of maturity of applications and pendency related issues to conduct probe in a transparent manner and fix responsibility. He said corruption would not be tolerated at any cost and the president and the prime minister were very well on board to take action against corrupt people. Moreover, he added a gas theft act was being prepared to put an end to the gas stealing issue which was rampant and taking toll on the available gas. He said billions worth recoveries were being made and only from JJVL an amount of Rs 1 billion had been recovered. About the LNG project the secretary said progress was being made and 17 international bidders had shown Expression of Interest in supply of energy and gas to Pakistan. He said the government was taking concrete steps to explore new hydrocarbon resources to meet the countrys growing energy needs. As part of such efforts, he added, that Exploration and Production policy was being drafted and it would be finalised next month, offering incentives to the investors. He said the policy had arbitrary and dispute resolution mechanism to minimize possibility of disputes and litigations which undermine efforts to have concrete progress on tapping indigenous resources for meeting energy needs. He said exploration and production companies were facing different problems including those at local level and efforts were being made to make the situation more investment-friendly. He said that British Petroleum Company had left as it found the country less attractive for investment. He said the government was making efforts to extend relief to the masses but it was not feasible to provide things at the rates the people wanted at. Referring to the decision on increase in gas prices and extension of gas loadshedding, the minister said, The government was going to correction of things and rationalization, we have to get out of the circular debt which have been taking toll on national economy, the minister said. Replying to a question, he added, after the 18th Amendment the ministry of petroleum and natural resources would be play role as executive authority and earlier the exploration activities dwindled due to its interpretation. Answering a question about petroleum products prices, he said this month ministry of petroleum and natural resources had proposed to pass on full impact of decline of POL products but, he added, the ministry of finance decided to provided partial impact for the fiscal space created over the previous months.