MULTAN - The workers Muttahida Shehri Mahaaz (MSM) staged a protest against three-day CNG shut down in Punjab and proposed hike in gas tariff here on Saturday. The protesters were led by MSM chief Tariq Naeem Ullah Khan, who shouted slogans against federal government. They were also holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands regarding withdrawal of decision to increase CNG shut down for one more day. Addressing the protesters, Tariq Naem Ullah and others said that the federal government treated Punjab discriminately. They said that all the moves made by federal government were determined to punish the residents of Punjab for electing N League. They said that the decision was biased and a fatal blow that would destroy CNG sector. They said that huge investments were made in the CNG sector in the light of Petroleum Policy 1994 but the government violated the assurance given to the investors in the policy. They said that three million CNG vehicles were currently operating on the roads countrywide while public had invested over 100 billion rupees on CNG kits. They added that approximately 6 percent gas was used in the CNG sector while on the other hand this sector contributed Rs25 billion per annum revenue. They said that the decision would completely destroy CNG sector besides making the lives of citizens miserable.