LAHORE Giving a call for the formation of a grand opposition alliance to overthrow the present government, PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has welcomed the MQMs decision to join the opposition. Unprincipled politics has led Pakistan into hot waters, which is why it is important to rid the country of the present corrupt rulers, Nawaz averred, while speaking to mediamen here on Saturday after presiding over the meeting of the partys coordination committee from Balochistan. The former premier mentioned that despite strong opposition, he signed the Charter of Democracy for taking the country out of economic and other crises, but the government had disappointed him at every step. The present government has not materialised even a single promise, while more than 70 million people fall below the poverty line, and the government is not at all interested in resolving their problems, he opined, adding the people were facing unprecedented price-hike, unemployment, electricity and loadshedding of gas and power. He bitterly criticised the government for its decision to cut gas supply to Punjab for three days, and to Sindh for two days. How long will the people tolerate such discriminatory measures? he questioned. Nawaz Sharif averred that wrong and self-centred decisions of political forces in the past badly hurt countrys sovereignty and adversely affected stability. We are in crises because we havent learnt any lesson from our mistakes, he maintained, while mentioning that during the last four years, he had been raising his voice for preserving dignity of the country, but no one heeded his calls. About drone attacks by the Americans, he pointed out that the nation was being misled by giving an impression that the Shamsi airbase was being vacated by the United States, but the drones were taking off from the base, including other bases in Pakistan. Regarding devolution of the federal ministries and divisions to the federating units, the ex-PM alleged that the federal government had only transferred subjects to provinces, while not dishing out the resources correspondingly. Unjust decisions have mutilated spirit of the 18th Amendment, and the Centre is a major hurdle in the transfer of resources, he further accused the PPP-led government. Talking about the miseries and sufferings of people of Balochistan, he opined that peace and development of the country was linked to Balochistan, and bringing Balochistan at par with other provinces by raising living standard of the Baloch, which was agenda of his party. No stone will be left unturned to meet this end, he promised, while pleading that Balochistan was facing grave issues, and its people must be provided justice. The angry Baloch can be pacified only if their culprits are punished, he said, in an implicit reference to General Musharrafs military operation, and consequent assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti. He reiterated his demand for impartial probe into the tragedy. Most of the missing persons are the Baloch, and their families do not know about their fate, he pointed out. While reacting to Ch Shujaat Hussains statement 'no need for a commission to investigate US raid in the garrison city of Abbottabad Nawaz Sharif asked for the confirmation first, but observed, Ch Shujaat loves to bury everything, but those days are gone. About the recent Azad Jammu Kashmir polls, he told the mediamen that a day prior to the polling, the AJK Election Commission declared the Computerised National Identity Cards mandatory. As everyone knows, this order was violated by the ministers, who indulged in massive rigging, he said, while alleging that he had been told that Rs 45 million were spent in one constituency from the BISP though meant for the flood-hit. While replying to a question, Nawaz warned that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singhs statement that Pakistan should leave Kashmir alone could complicate matters between the two countries. This is not a political statement. Such statements complicate matters, he said; adding that there was no need for such statements. According to Nawaz, such a statement could create a hurdle in the reconciliation process between the two countries.