MIANWALI - Officers must pinpoint touts in government offices so that the general public may get rid of this social cancer and their entry into the government offices could be banned. It was sated by DCO Tariq Mehmood while addressing a high level meeting of District Officers at his office here the other day. He said that toutism had ruined the society and directed the officers to show no leniency for such elements and impose an absolute ban on their entry into the offices. He said that the brokers shake hands with officers and get exchange of smile cashed and thus get privileges. He strictly orders the officers to pinpoint at least two such brokers in every department, so that they must be put to account. He further said that officers are public servants and it is their responsibility to make sure of their common interest. He revealed that the masses are being looted at large by such antisocial elements so officers should play their vital role to check the non-ending brutalities of these nefarious elements.