When a Muslim organisation like the Organisation of Islamic Conference calls upon India to settle the Kashmir dispute it gives a strong impression that the issue holds importance for the Muslim World. And naturally, this advice will also send a ripple of unease through India because so far tremendous efforts have been made by New Delhi to keep major powers especially the Western world from talking openly about the conflict. Even though it not might be that much bothered by OICs statement, because of its obvious weaknesses, the Indians still would worry about the issue getting internationalised. While the OICs stand deserves unqualified praise, the fact remains that the organisations performance in terms of practically solving the problems faced by the Muslim countries or getting them freedom from occupying states has been far from satisfactory. Palestinians and Kashmiris left to fend for themselves are just two instances and while there is no denying the contention that the world of Islam can be a force to reckon with and help these struggling people get their freedom, the Muslim countries mutual squabbles have prevented the OIC from becoming an effective tool of power. Solving the problems of Muslims suffering under the yoke of foreign powers would be easier if OIC becomes what it was meant to be: a rescuer of Muslims who are defenceless against enemy aggression. The world must realise that Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint and once the conflict gets out of hand, it could also be embroiled. Hence, persistent efforts must be made to press India to give up its unjust and illegal occupation. On the other side of the spectrum, it is also disheartening to note that whereas our own national leadership is concerned, it has also remained divided over the issue and each one of them seems to be having his own prescription. Our leaders must stick to the UNSC resolutions of granting the right of plebiscite to Kashmiris. That is the only way forward.