ISLAMABAD - When ever the history of Pakistan Football is written, the name of Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, President Pakistan Football Federation, will always be in it as the most prominent person who has brought revolution not only in Pakistan football but also in the lives of the players who before Faisal's arrival in the football world were getting only Rs 100 per day as allowance. However as soon as Faisal became the president in 2003, he announced $60 per day for players and has promised to further raise this sum to at least $100 per day this year and acknowledged that this sum would not be enough due to paucity of funds, the players have to content with this amount but as soon as the funds available the players will be the major beneficiaries, he promised. "The annual grant of PFF is Rs 25 million and an average international coach will cost the national exchequer minimum Rs one billion per year. I will talk to the Prime Minister in this regard and seek his help in getting a special grant for the football team to enable us to hire an international and highly qualified coach for the team," Faisal said this in an exclusive interview with The Nation here Saturday. Without any international coach the football team can't perform at international level. The experience and modern techniques of the coach will add to the skills of our players, he maintained. Faisal said that football is the most popular sports in the world as it is played in 208 countries globally and it can help bridge caps among the nations. Faisal is taking active interest in Pakistan football affairs and was the chairman of Asian Football Confederation Disciplinary Committee and now is the Executive Committee member in the AFC. He is also the FIFA Committee member for the last two years. With his personal efforts, teams like Palestine, Malaysia visited in the past and now Bangladesh are visiting Pakistan when at a time no one is willing to tour this country due to security concerns PFF President is playing key role in bringing international teams to Pakistan. When asked by this correspondent about the state of pitch in Bangladesh and whether PFF will lodge any official complaint in this regard with FIFA, Faisal said, "No, we can't lodge any official complaint as FIFA officials are already present there and if they find any thing wrong they will themselves take notice of that." He further said that FIFA has also sent a team of security officials along with other supporting staff to Pakistan for the second leg tie against Bangladesh to be played today (Sunday) in Lahore. Answering a question about Pakistan team's loss to Bangladesh, Faisal replied, the conditions went in home team favour as the heavy downpour started and they are use to playing in those conditions but by the Grace of God our team will bounce back and give them a fight for their money in today's match. He further said: "We have hired the services of Austrian coach, Jorge Kotton, who has failed to give satisfactory results in one year." He added that although one year is not enough to judge performance but now we are trying to hire a foreign coach for at least three years. Talking about Tariq Lutfi, the present coach of Pakistan football team, he said, Tariq is the best local coach available and if he continues giving showing results he will be given more time. Faisal further revealed, PFF is holding seven tournaments every year including women event and the Premier League is the biggest of them all. He further added, "We are playing football for 300 days in a calendar year. He further said, "I am trying to give all the necessary equipments to the players, including kits, shoes and all the supporting material." He promised to revolutionize Pakistan football and for this they will hire a foreign coach for the team this year. "I will talk the multi-nationals and local companies and I will seek their further help in hiring a foreign coach and providing of facilities to the players," he concluded.