The lack of effective Justice system in our country has led to multidimensional injustices and crimes in our society. As a result, our country resembles a painful society that is citadel of violence. The devastating impact of parallel justice system has destroyed and taken life of people of Pakistan. Perpetrators of crime have decided to take matters into their hands and think themselves above law. Resultantly, people of our country have resorted to another system that is speedy, low cost and sanctioned by tradition called Jirga system. This system is anachronistic and has only added miseries to already suffering victimised people of our society. In fact, perpetuating crime is the end result of the settlements done in Jirgas. Thus, there is dire need to adopt pragmatic reforms in order to rectify loopholes in judicial system of our country. Moreover, judiciary instead of showing interests in politically involved cases, should focus on woes of common public and work on pending cases. In addition, law and judicial commission should suggest amendments in law to make it effective, speedy and easily dispensable. The campaign must begin by reforming the lower courts because that is where the general public normally suffers. DR MUHAMMAD ALI SHAHANI, Karachi, June 30.