MIRPUR (AJK) - The PML-N candidate in recent AJK Legislative Assembly elections Raja Muhammad Razaq Khan from constituency LA-6 (Samani - Bhimbher district) demanded the AJK Election Commission to immediately announce holding of re-polling in his entire constituency under the direct supervision of Pakistan Army instead by only 50 polling stations, as announced by the EC, following, what he blamed, massive rigging on the part of his nearest rival candidate. He was addressing a crowded press conference here late the other night. He was flanked by his associates including the officials of Mirpur district Bar Association including the DBA President Kamran Tariq Chaudhry Advocate, Secretary General Bar Raja Sanawer Khan, Raja Khalid Mahmood Khan, former Presidents of the DBA Razaq Kashmir Advocate and Tabassam Sadiq. The legal community representative while addressing reporters on the occasion also fully endorsed Razaqs demand for holding of the re-polling in whole of the constituency under the supervision of army to ensure emerging of a true public mandate through fair and transparent polls. Raja Razaq alleged that massive law less ness, irregularities and the rule of jungle-like scenario caused on the part of the incumbent Muslim Conference government-backed his close rival independent candidate Ali Shan Soni and the PPP (AJK) candidate Ch. Razaq Ahmed on the eve of June 26 AJK elections in constituency LA-6 Samani (Bhimbher district) led to the killing of a PML (N) activist Raja Iftikhar and injuring of eight other workers of the N League during the polling. He said that in spite of the nomination of number of accused including the principle accused Ch. Arif and PPP candidate Ch. Razaq in the FIR registered with the concerned police station in connection with murder of the PML (N) activist Raja Iftikhar, police have not yet arrested even a single accused of the broad-day shooting down of the innocent PML (N) man during polling, he added. Accusing the sitting AJK Chief Election Commissioner Justice (Retd) Khwaja Muhammad Saeed of having been totally failed of holding the fair elections Raja Razaq said that the recent AJK polls were of worst-ever vis--vis massive rigging and lawlessness on the day of polling. He alleged the CEC performed the role of an activist of the central ruling party instead of performing as a judge by holding, what he observed, the massively rigged elections. The PML-N candidate further blamed that his closes rival candidates including Ali Shan Soni, supported by the sitting AJK-government had the full blessings and backing of a terrorist organization involved in the recent PNS Mehran Karachi, for mutilating the election besides the other nearest rival candidate Ch. Muhammad Razaq, enjoying the blessings of the central government to rig the polls through importing large number of professional criminals and hooligans from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province for dominating upon the polling process, he maintained. The PML-N candidate Razaq categorically declared alleging that the hooligans led by Asghar Chaudhry, the brother of the recently American drones-attack-slay alleged terrorist Illayas Kashmiri, belonging to a terrorist organization, managed the reign of terror and violence to rig the polls and which also led to the blood bath of the innocent PML (N) activist Raja Iftikhar and serious wounding of eight other PML (N) on the day of polling in his constituency at the behest of his rival candidate Ali Shan Soni, he blamed. Razaq further maintained that his constituency in Samani valley was given the existing high-troubled Afghanistan like situation following the reign of terror and violence unleashed by the absconders including professional criminals and pro-claimed offenders on the day of polling, which were allegedly hired by his rival candidates. He further said that the local civil Bhimbher district administration including police and other law enforcement agencies as well as the para-military forces were seemed help-less following emerging of the pre-planned era of complete lawlessness to severely hurt the election results and the public mandate in the constituency.