VEHARI - The district police have killed a notorious proclaimed offender, carrying Rs0.5 million head money, in a shootout that took place here in Guggo the other night. As per detail, the police was tipped off that M Fiaz Tunda who was the real brother of Abbas Chohan another PO, was present at Government Girls High School 243/EB. The police constituted a team and conducted a raid on the school. On seeing the police personnel the culprit managed to escape from the scene and reached Daira of Malik Altaf where he abducted four minor boys and three girls to use them as shield. Meanwhile, a shootout broke out that lasted for two hours between the police and the culprit. During the exchange of firing Fiaz Tunda was killed while the hostages were recovered safe and sound. The police also recovered one gun, a 12 bore pistol and 30 bullets.