Its very alarming to see the high level of air noise and visual pollution affecting our cities, even though some effort is going to change the situation, but it is nowhere close to what needs to be done, and the amount of smoke and dust and noise in urban areas, is way to much above acceptable standards. I would urge the MVT departments to do spot test on all commercial vehicles before there MVT is renewed, and make sure that all commercial vehicles are up to minimum standard in terms of smoke emission. For the above work MVT could hire a team and charge a small fee Rs 300-500 per check up, and this could be a source of added income for MVT dept. If this approach is implemented nationwide it will not cost government anything. In fact it will save the health department a lot of money which they presently spend on patients that come to them for respiratory (breathing) disorder, and other symptoms related from these forms of pollution. Z H EFFENDI, Karachi, July 2.