RAWALPINDI (Online) - Renowned nuclear scientist and member Planning Commission for Science and Technology Wing Dr Samar Mubarak Mand has declared the prevailing energy crises extremely hazardous for Pakistan saying the country is not only facing the loss of Rs 300 billion per annum but also rendering 400,000 people jobless. He was speaking to the business community during his visit to Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) here on Saturday. He warned that there could be immense increase in facts and figures if the crises could not be resolved. Unluckily we are very fast in making policies but incredibly slow in implementing them. The people at helm of affairs are responsible for this sluggishness. This is the very reason that the fruits of these projects could not reach to the people, which were prepared years ago and we have nothing to demonstrate on ground, he added. He said he had commenced a pilot project in collaboration with the government to overcome the energy crises. After getting success on experimental basis, the project would be expanded straight away. It is also expected that the foreign investors might speed up the work to explore underground coal reserves of the country. These projects are prepared by Planning Commission and federal as well as Sindh government is providing full assistance in this matter. We have accrued land in Thar for the project, well-known scientist added. Dr Samar told the business community that the project was started in two phases. In first leg, gas would be explored by drilling and in second stage 100 megawatts of electricity would be produced. Although the government has provided 70 per cent of the funds but still we need machinery and instruments. But we are not disappointed. Much time is wasted as rules and regulations become hindrance some time in smooth going. He said if the technical experts would not come forward today, then the country will not be able to do anything for the next 100 years. Replying to a question, he said the power generation through air is much costly as it depends upon air pressure, which does not remain constant in any part of the country. He said government never showed triviality on any project but the irrelevancy of the concerned people created impediment in completing the project. On the occasion President Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ali Raza Saeed Shah apprised the problems being faced by the businessmen especially industrialists due to energy crises. He said it was shameful that Thar coal reserves were discovered some 22 years ago but Pakistan could not extract even a kilogram of coal from there. He said 41.61per cent of electricity was being produced around the globe by consuming coal, but in Pakistan only 2.2 per cent was being generated from it.