Our Staff reporter Lahore Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab Chapter President Imtiaz Safdar Warraich has not only ruled out the criticism made by PML (N) on alleged rigging in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Election (AJK), but also dropped a hint to better the relations with the coalition partner Pakistan Muslim League (Q). He expressed these views while during his visit to the Waqt News offices here on Saturday. The PPP leader said that they were trying hard to dilute the breach with the ex coalition partner MQM. Unfolding the current move of MQM to sit on the opposition benches, Warraich ruled out any possibility of Muttahidas affiliation with PML (N). Commenting on PPP-Q League coalition, Imtiaz Warraich claimed to have promoted politics of understanding in the greater national interest. Talking about the AJK elections, he strongly criticized Mian Nawaz Sharif saying that on the one hand he had congratulated his elected party members and surprisingly on the same page had rejected the election declaring them engineered. He also rejected N leaders criticism on bogus voter lists questioning why the N League not challenged them earlier to the elections. He said that all the political parties should respect each others mandate. On this occasion, he questioned the success of PPP nominated candidates in PML N governed province in spite of the cast of the bogus votes by the government machinery. He considered Punjab governments violence on their workers as another worst example of the Dogra reign. He forewarned the Punjab government of tit for tat if it repeated the acts of violence on the PPP workers in future. He asked the Chief Minister to resign if he could not get the election done on one seat. Talking about the AJK elections in Sindh, Warraich was hopeful of improving law and order situation in the province. Responding a query about the grand flood of 2010, the PPP leader dragged the Punjab government into the dock in the light of the Fact Finding Commission Report. He also condemned the faulty constructions made by Punjab government prior to the flood. He considered the Punjab government a bright example of the bad governance under the shadow of the contents of the Report. He blamed the Punjab government for not taking any precautionary measures to put up a good fight against any expected flood. By devolving as many as 17 ministries to the provinces, he claimed, as per the PPP manifesto, Asif Ali Zardari as per the PPP manifesto, he said, has strengthened the provinces through the 18th Amendment. President Zardari, he said, has materialized the dream seen by the PPP founder Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he added. Pointing to the pivotal role of the PPP in Punjab politics, Warraich said, his party has proved it by supporting the Punjab Budget session categorically. The leader rejected any possibility of the governor rule in Punjab saying that his party would never praise any extra constitutional action in the province.