CHINIOT - The recent spell of monsoon rains exposed the Tehsil Municipal Administrations claims in Bhuwana and Lalian, as the rainwater submerged various major city roads. The water accumulation caused inconvenience to the pedestrians and motorists. The downpour also exposed the TMA working whose officials could not drain out the rainwater from various areas of the city and the towns. District Chiniot received continuously 3 rains with disturbed the life of people. Due to poor sewerage system, all the main roads seemed to be canals. The accumulated water caused worst traffic jams almost in every major road, especially Sargodha Road, Katchehry Road, Quaid-e-Azam Road, Alamgir Road, Madrast-ul-Banat Road, Jame-a-Masjid Road, Main Bazars, Adda Lalian Road, Thana Road of Lalian, Jhang Chiniot road and all the streets of Bhuwana City. After the rain, it was not possible for the public to go their offices, shops and passenger to travel anywhere. Many streets in the adjacent localities were inundated with rainwater, exposing the ill-planning of the department. Shahra-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Katchehry Road, Madrast-ul-Banat Road, Muslim Bazar, Faisalabad Sargodha Road, government offices, post office were among the affected localities. The water entered hundreds of houses due to the bad sewerage system. Rain water was drained out after 12 to 15 hours. During and immediately after the rain, number of motor cyclists and motorists were found stuck at various spots including the roads, major business centres and commercial areas too witnessed inconvenience as traffic remain stuck there due to rain. However, the TMAs spokesperson said that the people faced problems due to rain but the officials concerned tried their level best to flush out the rainwater accumulated in various parts of the city. The TMAs had started a comprehensive plan to combat the rain-related problems. He claimed.