SIALKOT - Exporters and trade bodies have urged upon the federal government that Sialkot should be declared Export Processing Zone (EPZ) for a considerable increase in the national exports volume. Sialkot is export-oriented city and a hub of cottage industry of the country and exporting 98 percent products to various parts of world and earning US 1.20 billion dollars through export its quality goods like soccer balls, surgical instruments, sports goods, leather goods and musical instruments etc. If EPZ status is given to this export would be much supportive not only in enhancing the export volume but also helps in generating the employment opportunities in the area. In addition to this EPZ status would attract the local business community of Sialkot also its adjoining areas in further accelerating the pace of export activities. Expressing their confidence they said that government take drastic steps for giving the status of Export Processing Zone (EPZ) to Sialkot and enable the business community to play its instrumental and responsible role in accelerating the export activities and strengthening national exchequer. Apart from this, some small exporters have urged upon the Punjab to take rational steps for setting up mini industrial estates to facilitate the small exporters and manufacture. They suggested that mini industrial estates should be set up in ignored and far-off areas for edging out the rapid rural migration towards the city. The establishment of mini industrial estates in neglected areas would not only help reduce the rapid rural migration towards the city but also supportive in generating employment opportunities at local levels. Currently a large number of industrial workers belonging to Pasrur, Narowal, Zafarwal, Daska and Sambrial are coming daily to Sialkot for their employment purposes and thousands skilled and semi skilled workers were engaged with local industries like soccer ball, surgical instruments, leather, gloves and martial art uniforms manufacturing. The setting of mini industrial estates in ignored areas would not only ensure employment opportunities to workers at their doorsteps but also help in changing the life style of these areas as well as further accelerate industrial activities. The establishment of Mini Estates would play a pivotal role in promoting the cottage industry and generating employment opportunities for the jobless skilled and semi skilled workers besides this step would also be helpful in producing new vistas of industrial development and prosperity in the area. Some drastic steps direly needed for accommodating the vending industry. The industrial performance is based on the teamwork involving in house production and outsourcing to vendors and in this modern era it is vital to uplift and upgrade the facilities of these small vendors, so that they could provide quality products to the established exporters. It is a project of national importance relating to exports and the government should pay special attention on it by allocating necessary funds for purchasing 25 to 30 acres of land to provide three and five Marla plots to the small manufacturers/vendors.