WASHINGTON - The US State Department has said that despite challenges in the relationship, the US and Pakistani working groups continue to meet regularly under the strategic dialogue but no dates have been set for plenary session of the dialogue. I dont believe theres any date for the next plenary session of the Strategic Dialogue. It has yet to be scheduled. That said, we have high-level engagement with Pakistan, as well as the substantive working groups continue to meet as well, Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner said told a news briefing. He spoke amid reports that claimed that the next round of the strategic dialogue between Washington and Islamabad has been postponed indefinitely, in the backdrop of strains that emerged in the bilateral relationship after the US unilateral military action against Osama bin Laden hideout in Abbottabad on May 2 and the Al-Qaeda chiefs having been able to hide in the Pakistani town. The spokesman asserted continuation of working groups meetings by citing the upcoming July 5 meeting, led by US Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, William Brownfield, with his Pakistani counterparts in Islamabad. The Strategic Dialogue Working Group meeting on counterterrorism and law enforcement is one of the several groups that meet under the strategic partnership to advance bilateral cooperation in wide-ranging fields. So while there has been no date set yet for the plenary, the working groups do continue to meet on a regular basis. When pressed if the plenary session of the strategic dialogue has not been scheduled due to purely scheduling issue or there were some political considerations, the spokesman responded, I think its scheduling issues. I think the working groups, as I said, continue to meet, but trying to do something at the plenary level is a bit more difficult. You talked about political, and again, Im not going to sugarcoat the fact that weve had some pretty serious challenges in the in our bilateral relationship, but the Strategic Dialogue continues. The spokesman also referred to visits by senior US officials including Secretary of State and CIA Chief to Pakistan to address some of the issues following the Abbottabad raid. The American officials, he said, visited to address some of these issues, difficult issues, but also to say that we are committed to working with Pakistan in a constructive way on counterterrorism. Pakistan, as weve said many, many times, is touched by in a significant, profound way the threat of terrorism. Theyve lost a lot of people to terrorism in Pakistan. On recent resumption of Pakistan-India dialogue, Toner said it is a very 'constructive step. We think its important that that continue, and we want to see cooperation on many fronts, including counterterrorism, between the two countries.