FAISALABAD - Citizens, industrialists, transporters and traders has said that the decision to keep CNG filling stations closed for two days in Sindh and three days in Punjab is a politically motivated move, aims at settling score with opposition and gaining cheap popularity which will hurt harmony among provinces. During a survey conducted by The Nation here Saturday, they said government has hit masses hard with CNG bomb on the eve of new financial year. They said that government continues to inflict punishment on the masses for choosing democracy. The poor will continue to pay the price for blunders by the rulers and mismanagement of natural resources. Masses are not responsible for declined production of gas, insufficient exploration and ignoring alternative sources of energy such as Iranian gas and Thar Coal, They said. The government is to punish the masses for their inefficiency, mismanagement and corruption by hike in the domestic and commercial gas tariff soon, they said. Meanwhile, the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce And Industry (FCCI) in a press release issued here, said that the closure of CNG stations on the pretext of supplying gas to power generation units holds no water as the CNG sector consumes 7 per cent of the total gas productions. Masses must know where the rest of the gas is flowing and who the beneficiaries are, industrialists demanded. This decision to keep CNG stations closed and hike gas tariff for fertilizer plants by 100 per cent will result in inflation, sluggish agricultural growth, low yield, costly transportation, economic degradation and overall economic downturn, Ayub Sabir former president of FCCI said. He said that when masses can launch a movement to restore Chief Justice, they can launch another movement to get relief.