ISLAMABAD The Afghanistan exit strategy unveiled by the US President Obama last month is likely to fail largely because of the repositioning of remaining troops from one place to another within Afghanistan, sources said on Saturday. The sources said US troops drawdown plans to be finished by 2014 suggests that plans were full of loopholes that could be exploited by the insurgents in Afghanistan. They were of the view that strategy unveiled by the US to withdraw 33,000 troops by the end of next year from southern Afghanistan and repositioning of its troops to east would eventually create vacuum that could easily be exploited by the insurgents to drive strategic mileage. According to the sources, the US exit strategy has been conceived in line with its doomed exit strategy from Vietnam in 1975, contending that the US exit strategy from Afghanistan would turn out to be no different than that of Vietnam. The sources believed that US strategy to engage Taliban in Afghanistan in order to disassociate the militia from al-Qaeda would not bear fruits largely because of the fact that US had failed to curb insurgency from the war-torn country despite decade-long war against terror. The Afghans understand very well that US overtures for peace at this point of time means US failure to diminish Afghan militia which they regard their victory and that was why Afghan-led peace and reconciliation initiative had so far failed to bear fruits. The sources were also not much upbeat about the success of new US counter-terrorism strategy as it had been to appease the American public to drive advantage for President Obama for the next presidential elections.