The West Indies Cricket Board has reacted angrily to Chris Gayles outburst against it, saying the explosive batsman was antagonistic and unrepentant during meetings called to sort out differences with him. The WICBs reaction came after Gayle called the body a sham and a mockery and accused its chief Ernest Hilaire of trying to destroy his career. But the WICB rejected his claims. The WICB reiterates its stated position, that there is a history of difficulty in communicating with and relating to Mr Gayle and wishes to bring this matter to a resolution; but from his latest statement and his expressed views in the meetings with the WICB it would appear as though he is of the unshakeable view that he has conducted himself impeccably, the WICB said in a statement. The WICB insists that his conduct cannot simply be swept under the carpet as is the apparent desire of Mr Gayle, it added.