UK - ZAP - A swimming baby has rocketed to YouTube fame by crossing a pool and making the rest of us feel inferior. The video of this kid really is amazing.

Before people start calling this out for endangering a child, the video’s poster, Adam BC posted a major disclaimer with the video:

“Just so everyone knows, I am a registered nurse and my wife was a life guard for six years and taught swimming for three. not only are we both professionally trained in CPR and water safety I am certified in advanced pediatric life support. the child in the video (Elizabeth) has been trained properly by ISR certified instructors.”

Baby Elizabeth, who was only 16 months old at the time this was filmed, not only can swim across the pool — she can do it while holding her breath. When she needs to breathe, the kid simply flips over onto her back. The important part is not to just throw a kid in the deep end:

“Please! do not just throw your child in the water and expect them to swim. That is both dangerous and a quick way to traumatize your child and scare them from ever swimming.” Although it has only just gone viral, the swimming video was posted back in Aug. 2012. Since then, it has gotten almost 1 million views.