ISLAMABAD -The Accountability Court Islamabad has framed charges against the accused persons involved in the multi-billion rupees Ogra scam.

According to details, Tauqir Sadiq, ex-chairman OGRA, Mansoor Muzaffar, dysfunctional (Member Gas) of OGRA, Mir Kamal Mari, dysfunctional (Member Finance) of OGRA, and Jawad Jamil, the staff officer of former chairman OGRA are principal accused in the scam.

Similarly, Shehzad Saleem Bhatti and the owner of Dewan Petroleum Limited (DPL), Dewan Zia Ur Rehman Farooqi were the co-accused in the case. Presently, the main accused Tauqir Sadiq was arrested in Abu Dahbi and his deportation is in the process and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) officials would attend his case hearing today in Abu Dahbi.

Mir Kamal Mari was granted post-arrest bail by the apex court and he is hospitalised at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). Mansoor Muzaffar was granted post-arrest bail by the High Court. Similarly, Jawad Jamil, a kin to Tauqir Sadiq, was granted post-arrest bail by the High Court.

In the same way Shahzad Saleem Bhatti had turned approver and an amount of Rs 30 million was recovered from him by the NAB authorities. Dewan Zia Ur Rehman was granted restraining orders by the High court and reportedly he was in Turkey and his case was referred to NAB headquarters and the prosecution section of the bureau is examining the further due process of law against him.

The movable and the immovable properties of the principal and co-accused persons were confiscated by the NAB and their names were places in the Exit Control List (ECL). The bank account of these persons were frozen by the NAB authorities.

The trial of the case would start from the 8th of July and 63 witnesses out of which 34 are star witnesses and rest of the 29 are marginal witnesses would appear before Judge Muhammad Bashir of Accountability Court No.1 Islamabad.