It is an undeniable fact that ruling elite and the State institutions have not shown an iota of concrete commitment to the continuing democratisation of society in Pakistan. That’s why democracy is still a form of government but not a way of life in Pakistan.

In this perspective, the challenge is to increase the participation of all groups in a representative and jealously safeguarded ordering of public life. It requires a constant improvement of the quality of education at all levels, especially, in the rural areas, which will enable more and more people to play a responsible role in the socioeconomic, and cultural development of the country. It also entails the promotion of a clearer consciousness of human rights and human dignity. Dialogue and negotiation must replace conflict in the resolution of tensions and deadlocks. Until and unless there is no democratisation of society in Pakistan we will not be in a position to take Pakistan to new horizons of peace, progress and prosperity.


Islamabad, June 28.