District Police Officer Muntazir Mehdi has said that crime is a reality and the police effort to eliminate the menace and maintain a peaceful environment for people is a great duty.

He said that he always tried to maintain law and order and eliminate all kinds of crime from the area of his jurisdiction with the cooperation of general public and media. He said this while talking to this scribe here the other day.

The DPO said that almost 80 percent cases of robberies and thefts were solved and hardened criminals were rounded up in crackdown launched by the district police.

The DPO believed that cooperation of general public and media was vital for the elimination of crime from as the law enforcement agencies alone could not eradicate the menace from the society.

He said that behaviour and character of the officials and officers of the law enforcement agencies matter very much to gain the confidence of the masses.

Mehdi said that he always directed his subordinates to improve their behaviour with the masses, to pay the respect to the law binding and gentlemen with their good attitude and deal with the criminals with iron hands.

The DPO categorically declared that there was no room for corruption and black sheep and asked the corrupt cops to either mend ways or start searching jobs for themselves. Mehdi also warned that there was no more room negligent officers and officials whosoever exhibited dereliction would have to face the music.