ISLAMABAD- The National Games have been witnessing more and more blunders with no one from the POA interim body and organising committee bothered to keep a close check on untoward incidents.

The latest series of mishaps were witnessed during the squash match between KPK and Army. Mansoor Zaman of KPK was playing against Sadamul Haq of Army when referee Sajjad Ahmed awarded a point to Sadam, which infuriated Mansoor and he started abusing referee who then warned him. Mansoor continued abusing the referee and on continuous misbehavior, the referee was left with no other option but to award the game to Sadam.

After coming outside the court, Mansoor once again started abusing the referee. On this, referee awarded the match to Sadam.

Mansoor and his brother Munawar Zaman got so upset that they tried to beat the referee, who was saved by Qamar Zaman and tournament refer Faheem Gul and hardly managed to control the situation.

Qamar, father of Mansoor, then intervened and used his influence on chief referee to start the match once again. Faheem, who posed like champion of principles, bowed down and ordered restart of the match and to the much surprise, Mansoor managed to win the match.

Faheem always managed to get the hot seat of tournament head referee. He hardly had any influence on referees and known to melt down against pressure.

Instead of banning the player and taken strict action against the horrible incident, Faheem acted against the spirit of game and let down a referee whose only mistake was that he was trying to conduct the match according to rules and regulations.

Here question arises that who is responsible for such a nasty and shameful act occurred in Mushaf Ali Mir Squash Complex, right under the noses of Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) secretary Wing Commander Abdul Wahab Marwat. The ball is now in the federation’s court either they take strict action not only against the player but also against chief referee Faheem Gul who failed to act swiftly and gave biased verdict or they just buried the matter to allow players to continue misbehaving with referees.

This is a test case for the federation which always speaks about rule of law and standing by principles and now only time will tell as actions speak louder than words.