ISLAMABAD - British High Commissioner Adam Thomson Tuesday said Pakistan and United Kingdom agreed to counter all threats to the two countries including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDS), drugs and organised crime.

Addressing a press conference, Thomson said Pakistan and the United Kingdom had agreed to promote further cooperation in counter terrorism during the recent visit of British Prime Minister David Cameron as the terrorism is the common threat to both Pakistan, UK and world.

He said that the UK will work in partnership with Pakistan and provide expertise in support of Pakistan developing strategy on counter terrorism, adding that the recent visit of British Prime Minister will go a long way in further expanding the Pak-UK relations.

He said that London and Islamabad have similar views on Afghanistan and want a durable solution of its issues to bring peace there, adding that the visit of the British Prime Minister was aimed at giving a message that both are on the same page on Afghan issue and want stability in the war torn country.

The British HC said that the Britain Prime Minister during his meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also offered to provide more equipment to tackle the scourge of improvised explosive devices and extend support to Pakistan in improving the security of its infrastructure. He said Home Secretary would visit Islamabad by the end of the year to extend cooperation to Pakistan in this regard.

He said the visit of Prime Minister David Cameron to Pakistan was first ever initiative of any world leader that indicates tremendous importance of Pakistan for Britain. Thomson said the visit of Britain Prime Minister to Pakistan was not just a relationship between the two countries, but relationship of two democracies.

He said the Prime Minister Cameron appreciated the change of government in Pakistan through a smooth process of elections.

The British High Commission said the visit of Britain Prime Minister also indicated that its a golden period of bilateral relations between the two countries as these are a new kind of relationship following the smooth democratic change in Pakistan.

He said the Britain is eager ever more to have substantial and extensively engagements with Pakistan.

He said both the Prime Ministers besides discussing bilateral ties, improving trade and economic relations also discussed regional situation and the Prime Minister Cameron who was coming from Kabul also discussed the reconciliation process going on to ensure peace and security in Afghanistan.

The High Commissioner said, "The visit had practical focus for better future especially in trade and economic sectors with the motivation to the investors to invest in each other's countries." He said framework for strategic dialogue process between the two counties was also discussed during the bilateral talks.

On the issue of Afghanistan, the British High Commissioner said, during the bilateral talks, Prime Minister Cameron had emphasized the need that there should be more interaction between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Afghan President Hamid Karzai for more coordination in the success of reconciliation process and to ensure peace and security in the region.

Referring to the meeting of Prime Minister Cameron with Pakistan youth, the British High Commissioner said it was very successful and encouraging as the Prime Minister had a frank and open discussion with Pakistani youth on all the important subjects.

He said announcement of opening up the British Council Libraries in Lahore and Karachi, by the British Prime Minister was an important steps which had been appreciated by the youth of Pakistan.

Replying to a question about investigation against MQM Chief Altaf Hussain, and a protest against the British Government in Karachi, the British High Commissioner said investigation is being done by the London Metropolitan Police, which is an independent body.

He, however, said the issue of investigation against Altaf Hussain was not discussed during the visit of Britain Prime Minister Cameron to Pakistan.

The British High Commissioner said investigation is an independent matter of the London Metropolitan Police, therefore, he could not comment on it. Replying to a question about comments of Prime Minister Cameron on drone attacks, the British High Commissioner clarified that Britain has a stand on the drone attacks that it is a matter between Pakistan and United States and they should find a way to resolve it.

He said that no new MoU was signed during the visit of Prime Minister Cameron as both sides agreed to continue working on the existing agreements.