LAHORE - On the appeal of Sunni Ittehad Council Chairman Sahibzada Hamid Raza, 50 ulema have issued a joint fatwa, calling terrorism and suicide attacks haram (forbidden) in Islam.

After the recent incidents of terrorism in Nanga Parbat, Quetta and Peshawar, the ulema declared that a suicide attack was haram (forbidden) in Islam and murder of foreign guests was the worst crime. They held in their fatwa that attacks on mosques, educational institutions, funeral prayers and markets were not a jihad. They said murderers of innocent people were not soldiers of Islam; rather they were traitors of the country and the religion. They further held that it was responsibility of the state to eliminate such elements. It was also duty of every citizen to support the government in this regard, the said in the fatwa.

The ulema also termed drone attacks against the international laws and said halting drone attacks was responsibility of the government. They termed Taliban a group of murderers and the security personnel martyred in the war on terror and the civilians killed in terror attacks heroes of the nation. The ulema who signed the fatwa included Allama Muhammad Sharif Rizvi, Mufti Muhammad Akbar Rizvi, Mufti Muhammad Saeed Rizvi, Mufti Muhammad Imran, Mufti Muhammad Haseeb Qadri, Allama Nawaz Bashir Jalali, Muhammad Azam Naeemi, Allama Hamid Sarfraz Qadri, Mufti Muhammad Younis Rizvi, Syed Fida Hussian Shah Hafizabadi and others.