As soon as Ramadan starts, the prices of food commodities increase drastically. People are compelled to purchase them in spite of the exorbitant rates. Despite promises, the government failed to control the prices and has given the vendors a free hand. The poor who are barely surviving below the poverty line need help and quickly, or this government may be sent home soon. The country needs implementation of laws and not empty promises and speeches. Speeches do not fill your belly while the nation is starving!

Life has become a struggle for hundreds of thousands of people while a handful enjoy luxuries. The state needs to get its priorities right and should not hide behind the war in Waziristan. The new increase in minimum wage should be implemented immediately and some relief should be given to the people. The wealthy should hold open ‘Aftars’ for the poor and try to excel in giving, rather than plundering the nation.


Shikarpur, July 1.