An eight feet breach occurred in Barianwala Minar canal inundating dozens of mud houses of Dera Bhattian locality and destroying crops.

The breach developed when the residents were busy taking Sehari. After making announcement in the mosque speakers, the villagers rushed to the site and repaired the breach after an hour. Meanwhile, the canal water caused considerable loss to the madhouses, crops, vegetables and fodder.

The villagers including Nadeem, Afzal, Aslam and Bashir said that the canal banks had been weakened due to non-maintenance work for the last several years. The official of the Irrigation Department were complained about the situation but they did not bother to redress the complaints. An irrigation official on request of anonymity said that maintenance funds had been embezzled by the concerned executive engineer, the subdivisional officer and overseer. The villagers demanded action against the corrupt elements.