I visited a ‘Ramadan Bazaar’ yesterday and the very site of it shocked me. There was chaos everywhere, the vendors were selling goods at increased prices, even though people were hoping for a reduction in prices, there was nothing they could do but buy things at predetermined prices. There are no checks and balances in our country anywhere. It’s the holy month of Ramadan and the authorities should be concerned about fulfilling their duties and their duty is to serve humanity.

In Pakistan we don’t fast, we just starve ourselves, and as my father once said, ‘if you don’t feed a donkey all day long would he be fasting?’ I am calling our fast just starving as we do not fulfill any other requirements that go with it. The basic purpose of the Ramadan bazaar is to provide goods at minimum cost but the Ramadan Bazaar has become a place for profiteers to conduct profitable business.


Lahore, June 30.