Dens of Gambling have opened in various places of the city and youth who came there by dreaming of becoming wealthier overnight get deprived of their huge money.

The dealers in chit gambling on prize bond numbers who exploit them have become millionaires. The gambling points are being run openly and the police are simply a silent spectator.

The social and religious groups were protested outside the media center against the gambling.

According to them, in the interior localities of the city like Sindhi Mohalla, Depalpur Road,Veenice Chowk, Palace Chowk, Sarwar Chowk, Azidabad colony, Sabri Colony, Shamsia Colony and Lari Adda gamblers have opened their chit gambling dens. Where millions of rupees are put on stakes every day.

The gamblers circulate prize bond numbers and TV numbers openly in these places. The social circles alleged that the government officials and law enforcers are generating money from the gamblers.