LAHORE - A major political avalanche is in the making for the incumbent government, as the PTI has announced its long march under the name of tsunami march on August 14, while Dr Tahirul Qadri-led PAT is also planning to launch a long march the same month.

According to the likeminded parties of Dr Qadri, PAT would soon announce a long march focusing on the Model Town episode.

Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed told The Nation on Wednesday that Dr Qadri would soon announce to hold a long march.

He added that possible date of Dr Qadri’s long march would be close to the schedule of PTI’s tsunami march.

Rasheed said he had advised Dr Qadri, during a meeting some days back, that no matter including the tragic incident of Model Town could be resolved without taking to the streets and PAT chief agreed but he was not ready to commit himself for announcing a long march.

AML chief, however added that some friends in PAT camp had told him that they would soon announce a long march starting from a protest campaign.

He insisted: PTI and PAT would ultimately join lines in the federal capital in August, as leading two separate marches would not be successful to get the desired results.

Rasheed, to a query about the possibilities of change of guard after Eid, claimed that midterm polls or an interim setup both could be the form of change.

On the contrary, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, PTI’s Vice Chairman when contacted, said, “We will welcome other political forces for launching their campaigns but we will launch our own tsunami march on August 14 if the rulers fail to comply with our demands.”

Ijaz Chaudhry, PTI Punjab president, when reached said, “It doesn’t matter who launch an anti-government protest first, what matters is bringing a real change and to achieve the goal of true electoral reforms is a must.”

When asked about the PTI resignations from Parliament and provincial assemblies, he insisted: No such option is under consideration, besides rejecting reports of advance submission of resignations of party MPs to parliamentary leaders in National Assembly and provincial assemblies of Khyber Pukhtunkhawa and Punjab.

About the possibilities of midterm polls demand, he said, “We haven’t decided anything yet and let the government take its position over the rigging issue before August 14.”

“We don’t want to dislodge the sitting government and we are not demanding midterm polls but extra-ordinary situations sometimes compel to take extra-ordinary measures.”

Meanwhile, political figures believed to be close to the establishment told this correspondent that the political avalanche expected to takeover the federal capital in August would send the sitting rulers home and bring an interim setup for a certain time period for doing away with all the problems because of the failure of the major political parties to deliver.

They added that a national emergency could be declared in August by certain establishment quarters if the things get out of the hands of the incumbent rulers.

The political figures claimed that the possible national emergency would be imposed with the backing of most of the political parties and the expected interim setup would consist of major political figures with clean slate to launch an across the board accountability, doing away with the grave issue of terrorism once and for all and other major issues facing the country.

About the possibilities of midterm elections, they said these polls could be an option but not a sure option.