The Prime Minister of Pakistan wrote a letter to the newly elected Prime Minister of India. What he wrote couldn’t have been different, in any manner, from what he has been stating. PM Sharif took the initiative and broke the ice, once again, by writing to PM Modi, despite the critical stance of his detractors on the recent overtures made by him for peace. In his latest communication he has approached the incumbent Indian PM, soliciting his cooperation in laying the foundations for a better future for the people of both countries. PM Modi’s response was equally encouraging; he expressed his government’s desire to work closely with PM Sharif’s government, in an atmosphere free from confrontation and violence in order to chart a new course in bilateral relations.

I believe that Pakistan should continue to pursue the path of peace and cordiality between the two hostile neighbours. In the process of mending fences, the two sides, particularly India, must bear in mind that their endeavors directed towards the improvement of bilateral relations would bear fruit only when long-pending key issues like Kashmir and Siachen, and the expeditious trial of the Mumbai tragedy suspects, are brought to the negotiating table and amicably resolved.


Islamabad, July 1.