KARACHI- There are more than 40 groups of banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are active in the mega city. They are involved in extortion of one to two billion rupees daily in addition to other terrorist activities.

According to reports, Taliban are the top most extortionists in Karachi these days and they are acting as financiers of their mother organization in FATA. One report said that more than 150 terrorists of TTP Swati group are in the mega city. They said the Swati group is behind target killings and attacks on police stations. According to officials, the Swati group only coordinates activities with its fellow comrades; they never join in the activities of any other group. As a result, the officials said it becomes very difficult to gather details about them.

The police officials admitted that targeted operation in Karachi damaged the Swati network but it could not be eliminated. Their blood thirsty activities were continuing to take the city of lights to the stone age. Police officials say that every group has its own command and control centre. Sources said a strategy has been devised by the law enforcement agencies for coordinated action against Swati and other terrorist groups.