RAWALPINDI- Monsoon is fast approaching but the Rawal Town administration, Cantt Board and City District Government have failed to get 300 dilapidated buildings vacated so far.

Scores of old buildings in Rawalpindi city and cantonment are in very poor condition and are posing life threat to thousands of residents. These buildings become more dangerous in monsoon season. Two dilapidated buildings have recently collapsed due to rain but the concerned authorities are not

taking any practical step to demolish these buildings.

Meanwhile, the district administration has not completed the desalting of Nullah Lai so far, which may cause flood like situation in the areas on both sides of the nullah in rainy season. Instead, the residents continue to dump garbage and wastes in the nullah, further adding to the problem.

The social circles of Rawalpindi city and cantonment have appealed to higher authorities of the concerned department to take notice of the situation and take concrete steps to get the dilapidated buildings vacated and desalting of Nullah Lai.