LAHORE - Music composer and singer Numan Javaid was imposed fine yesterday by a local court for not submitting rejoinder of his wife’s dissolution of marriage.

Javed, who married renowned singer Fariha Pervez has to pay Rs500 fine imposed by family judge Noreen Kausar who adjourned further hearing until July 16. The court, in previous hearing, had directed Javaid to submit reply of the dissolution of marriage his wife had filed to part ways. But he did not show up with reply.

Fariha Pervez had filed dissolution of marriage before a family court for some “personal issues”. She had pleaded the court to issue decree in her favour. On other hand, Numan Javaid had also filed an application submitting that he wanted to spend his life with her and never wanted to divorce her. He had requested to set aside the dissolution of marriage filed by her wife.